Promising news for Broads Salt Incursions

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Promising news for Broads Salt Incursions

Post by Andy_Carpenter » Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:31 am

It was worth my 120 mile round trip to Last Thursday's BASG Environmental Group meeting In Norwich.

We were privy to some exciting news regarding fish protection during a salt serge
in a presentation by Steve Lane
(for those who don't know his our THE action man at the Enviroment Agency),

Steve and John Curry had spent a lot of time discussing and showing a team of experts the Bure And the Thurne
the team looked into various ways to reduce the effects of a salt tide..
After many computer simulations, Results using a Slipper Dam We're impressive.

Acle dyke was the test model.
( History has proved many fish have lost their lives trapped here)

With data obtained before during and after a surge from this area at times when fish deaths were high,
A graph showed that salt levels were toxic instantly,
and as it moved along the dyke. These toxic levels Remained too high for any chance of fish survival for a few days and more.
With the same data and adding the Dam to the simulation. Toxic levels were kept to a safe level,
Alowing a brackish Enviroment instead of toxic shock. These levels remained safe for the same period.
The simulation proved this method once deployed massively increases their chance of survival.

The salt travels in along the bed of the river, as it enters the dyke it pushes the fresh water up & out trapping and killing the fish.
With the dam in place this action is reduced as the water is restricted from being
pushed back out Slowing the salts advances, thus the mixture Is weaker alowing the fish a greater chance of surviving for several days.

It's early days as these results are just in. Let's hope it gets approved a sap.

JC hates having to announce yet another salt surge, but without JC, Steve and others
persistently Keeping it in the news this silent killer will always go on killing.

Thank you JC, Steve and to all the PAC,NDPC & BASG Members/volunteers for giving up their time
to collect data and report Fish deaths over the years it's all been worth it. 8-)

Not forgetting the fish tagging, it's far exceeded expectations with fish movement throughout the systems,
Squashing any theoretical ideas we had on fish movement.


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Re: Promising news for Broads Salt Incursions

Post by JohnLucas1316 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:12 pm

Can you explain what a 'slipper dam' is please. I've googled it but nothing comes up.

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Re: Promising news for Broads Salt Incursions

Post by Andy_Carpenter » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:36 pm

It’s a barrier deployed across rivers or dykes when a Salt tide is coming.

As I mentioned above. The tide comes with the salt in the lower Coloum of water. As it travels along the dyke the freshwater in there is forced out leaving the toxic water. Thus killing any fish that took sanctuary from the main river.

With the dam deployed, the tide still comes in This time the freshwater in the dyke is restricted from being flushed out.

This effect restricts the salts advance into the dyke, keeping a high concentration of freshwater for the fish to survive in until
The tide goes out.
here’s a quick sketch from memory.
YOU should be able to interpret the basics from this. (It’s a cross section of the dyke with the entrance to the main river on the left.
Apologies for the sketch but I’m no artist :oops: :D
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Michael Hastings
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Re: Promising news for Broads Salt Incursions

Post by Michael Hastings » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:37 pm

An example of saint John and PAC leading the way in developments that will benefit all anglers and nature lovers. Thanks for the thousandth time!

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