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East of England Fisheries Forum (Norwich)

Post by Andy_Carpenter » Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:02 pm

East of England Fisheries Forum (Norwich)

I attended this forum on Wednesday evening. Hosted by Angling Trust.
The agenda consisted of;
AT old line recycling initiative.
EA and local updates with work in progress.
Hoveton Great Broad Survey Updates.
Improving the Wensum presented by the Volunteer action group.
Debate by AT on how to modernise fishing clubs to recruit more anglers!

There was a reasonable turn out possibly 30+.
Great to here about line recycling, but when AT quizzed about excess plastic packaging etc their response was yes there is too much but unless legislation forces
The manufacturer to find an alternative, those that choose that route first will loose
Sales as the fancy packaging will sell first!!? Well who is better than AT to fight for
Legislation to stop this. Slurred response from AT along the lines of its not just angling!

EA talk great to see some work being done on rivers in the East.
Please to hear surveying and monitoring of fish movements is continuing and expanding, not just dropped after the report for HGB. Same with DO monitors
And salinity monitoring all being taken seriously with DO monitors available to clubs.
Best part was to here how great it is that their planting so many new trees around our
Waterways only to be red faced after a shout from the back "That's great you spend
Money because you think there required and BA are removing them from Miles of our
Rivers also at our expense but that's ok is it" how the truth hurts..
Usual spill about rod license sales. An illusion on the overhead screen drawing our eyes to how well their using our money in an attempt to stop you looking at the prosecution figures..
They did reply after questioning that license money is being spent to solve problems caused By agriculture blaming governments past and present.

Then we have the Hot Topic of HGB.
This project could be the life or death to the Northern Rivers of the broads.
A lot of public/lottery money has been spent and is available (over budget already),
To cleanse HGB!
I myself have fished on several occasions 100 hour sessions with no sleep along with
Phil Grey and a handful of dedicated anglers (a good few PAC members included) to catch as many fish as we could for the
Scientists to do their bit to collect as much data as possible to make their study plausible.
Well once again my blood boils, ( should have seen the steam exploding from JC's ears). I'm no scientist but I was privileged to be at the mitigation meeting in January
I witnessed the scientific evidence paid for by the project raise a red flag.
The data could be turned upside down inside out back to front and the results would still read the same HGB is the main key to fish stocks for the whole Northern system
With fish moving 15km just to get back to spawn on the broad.
The project manager then thanked them for their findings followed by I hear what your saying and the broad IS going to be closed off to fish! There fish they will sort themselves out.
After ten years it will be much better we will have Excellent tench and Rudd swimming in our waters!
Back to this meeting it was clear to me from questions asked, that the project propaganda put out in EDP many anglers have fallen for the illusion by questioning the purse (millions of public money) but not the overall picture which Is the health of the rivers.
I addressed the fish movement presentation as it was misleading. Thanked EA for
Listening to me at the earlier meet as they are now looking at promoting spawning areas that match HGB along the system.
John Currie done his best to call out NWT and NE asking the floor for someone to stand up and explain why it's still under discussion and why the likes of IFM are required to supply more reasons to stop it. But the plug hasn't been pulled!
Knowing that those who could answer were
Sitting two seats to the left of us..

The Wensum
Kudos to the teams of volunteers tackling this river system excellent work in getting reports done and proof of problem areas that affect the river it's whole length.
It will be along time to sort but the more help they get the better. They proved
Agriculture close to the river is changing, water run off from fields and roads is a major
Problem with silt clogging the river damaging spawning sites and causing un seasonal flooding resulting in fish recruitment losses with fry etc flushed from the river.
They have rallied support from the farming community but need to gets heads together with those that can to move forwards.

Future of angling recruitment, AT's request to clubs is they all have to get online.
Get your memberships out of tackle shops put everything online to make it easier for
Ticket sales . Use social media to promote, have special days to promote angling etc.

The crux of this meeting to me is that those of us who fish this area need to be more
Pro active. (Please or offend)
The guys fighting for the Wensum need help, it's not just about manual work it's greater than that those involved are communicating with those in the catchment area
Who could make a change, like the farmers who could put silt traps on their land to filter the run off before it reaches the rivers but if no one talks to them they won't help.

It's said time and time in the East if it's a problem to feather or sail their woes get sorted, usually affecting angling in some way.
A possible reason for this is there are a lot of them shouting as one!
Well there's a lot of us so If with all spoke United our voice will be heard.
As happened in the meeting yes HGB purse is a lot of public money but to have an
Argument with them about it in my mind is pointless because their publicity team
Will be expecting those sort of rants and have a well versed reply planed in advance.

The data that's paid for is there in print to stop the project going ahead and we need to
Stop this from happening. This bio manipulation project if it goes ahead will get the ball rolling for others across the country to get started.

Lot of words from me which is rare for me, I'm not well versed but I have a passion like many of you for the area I fish. We need to do more there are a lot of us but when
Voices or a show of hands are required it's the same few that show up like I pointed out please or offend but its the future of a pastime we need to fight for I don't know the answers it's for the likes of BASG to get anglers together to fight as one just
Like the feather & sail brigades who get what they want.

Andy Carpenter.

john currie
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Re: East of England Fisheries Forum (Norwich)

Post by john currie » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:48 am

It will be a major blow to angling if this goes ahead.We have the EA and the Instutute of fisheries management saying it should be stopped and still Natural England are trying to force it through.The need for clear water status seems more important than a massive amount of bream and roach.A dangerous precedent if NE can forge ahead against other governing bodies advise.

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