Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

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Re: Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

Post by Mark Leathwood » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:16 am

Eric Edwards wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:56 am
The top hooks on some lures (Fox Replicant in particular) are dangerously big.
It makes me wonder why manufacturers don't pay more attention to the views of highly experienced and knowledgable anglers who use these lures but are obliged to adapt them as discussed here. Surely they must engage people with a bit of common sense as field testers ?

The same problem is prevalent in fly fishing for pike with the great majority of flies available commercially and via Ebay tied on hooks that are ridiculously large. I was recently given some pike flies by a friend, who is a very experienced fly fisherman (both fresh and saltwater) but they are tied on size 6/0 hooks, which I just cannot use. Some of these flies are almost a foot long and, interestingly my friend did concede that there are times when pike hit them but completely miss the hook. Surely that is a design fault. Most of my flies are 5-7 inches, usually tied on size 1 or 1/0 hooks and it's very rare that a take doesn't result in a positive hook up.

It's almost as though there is something macho about fishing with huge flies on 'meat hooks', yet it is perfectly possible to create pike flies which look big and have a real presence in the water without resorting to size 6/0 hooks. I think the same can be said for Replicants and other soft plastics. It's quite possible to rig them in ways which don't diminish their hooking potential but are much less hazardous to use.
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Re: Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

Post by Toby Cole » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:39 pm

I think that the big hooks on soft plastics comes from the fact that the early soft plastics that were imported from america were designed with musky in mind and not pike and for whatever reason the more modern lures have just copied them. As has been said above you would think that of all the field testers these companies have someone would of mentioned about the size of the hooks

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Re: Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

Post by TrevorPeddle1985 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:15 am

Back to the single and treble hooks on lures , when the top hook is much smaller due to the lure being smaller, say 8-10cm, its this setup OK?

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Re: Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

Post by olliesheridan » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:04 am

Its difficult to say really without seeing it, but I think the best thing to do is use your own judgement; hooks don't have to be massive and made of the strongest steel. Personally I don't go above a size 6 treble and have never had any problems and I don't use barbed hooks (apart from semi-barbed with fishing with deadbaits).

Everyone has an opinion on this and this is mine! :D

Again, in my opinion, what you should be asking yourself is: can I land a pike safely with this setup and will it cause any unnecessary damage to the fish? Will that hook pull straight on a snag?

I think that top hooks are OK as long as they aren't too big (or strong, i.e. thick). I actually do a lot of pike fishing deadbait fishing with a single hook through and around the spine of a sprat, which I've had a lot of success with. As a guide (because hook manufacturers don't really all adhere to the same sizing) I use a "Korda Wide Gape B" (see here) in size 2 which is about as big as I go. I'd recommend about the same size for a lure - but again you need to think about the gap between the shank of the hook and the point (or gape) and how that looks on the lure. If the hook is going into the lure then the gap/gape will narrow, so in that instance using a slightly larger hook (to account for the fact that some of it is inside the lure) would be OK.

What I think you should bear in mind is that a Pike will snap at the lure, so the hook (in my opinion) really doesn't need to scale up with the lure, it just needs to be large enough to find a hook hold in the fish's mouth.

I've only been piking for 4 years, so I'm by no means an expert - I'd welcome any comments from more experienced anglers on this and wouldn't take this for gospel, this is just what works for me.
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Re: Single hook and treble on lures like the Korum Drones

Post by NeilJohnson » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:03 pm

Glad I've found this thread. I have a handful of soft lures with overly large top hooks, and i've never really felt comfortable about using them. Glad to see that people chop them off and still use them successfully. Think i'll be doing the same before i use them next time.

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