Juniors and visitors on the Lancaster Canal

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Juniors and visitors on the Lancaster Canal

Post by SimonPlatt1688 » Sun Oct 09, 2022 8:07 pm

I have recently been fishing on the Lancaster Canal with some children. As they're under 18 they haven't needed day tickets. Most of them are also young enough to need no licence. The next time we go I expect to do some piking. I understand that only PAC members are permitted to fish for pike on the canal. This raises two questions:

1. Does this rule also apply to children? That is, must under-18s, who need no permit to fish for species other than pike, need to be PAC members to fish for pike? I imagine not, but I do want to check.

2. Does this rule apply to day tickets? That is, do day tickets cover day-ticket holders, not PAC members, to fish for pike?
Simon Platt

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