Well done Paul (and Bob)

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Well done Paul (and Bob)

Post by JohnLucas1316 » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:58 am

I would like to recommend the book 'Gone Fishing' by Mortimer and Whitehouse. The book is more about fishing than the TV series and is a very entertaining read. If you know someone who is vaguely interested in fishing, give it to them for Christmas.
I especially like the Ecology of Fishing chapter. Paul highlights some of the problems facing angling that I am sure he was not allowed to mention by the BBC in the TV series. In the first series Paul started to say something about the Wensum once being one of the best roach rivers in the country.... then Bob made a joke and the point was lost. Typical that the BBC will commission a programme such as this, but never mention anything about reduced fish stocks, problems facing angling etc, etc.
(A few weeks ago Farming Today on Radio 4 had a week of fishing articles. Nothing was mentioned about low freshwater fish stocks.)

Paul points out in the book that pike are delicate fish that need careful handling. He did, however, get one thing wrong by stating that the cormorant problem has not been looked at by government for the past 2 decades. This is of course not true as the DEFRA review on fish-eating birds reported in 2013. Unfortunately the wrong decision was made in its conclusion.
P.S. Bob Mortimer is very funny.

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