Free Spirit E Tamer Boat Rod (10’ 3lb Version)

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Jason Skilton
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Free Spirit E Tamer Boat Rod (10’ 3lb Version)

Post by Jason Skilton » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:04 pm

I was in the market for a pair of new boat rods end of last years (2016) and after much deliberation; I opted to by a pair of Free Spirit E Tamer boat rods.

There are two 10ft boat versions available to buy, a 2½lb TC and a 3lb TC version. I went for the slightly heavier 3lb TC rods because I generally use big baits and leads from the boat.

The rods came from an online tackle shop and I did get abit of discount for the pair instead of paying the retail price of £ 99.99 and they arrived in the usual cloth bag.

I have coupled the rods with 6000 sized bait runners and they feel well balanced in the hand when casting out and feel equally balanced when playing a pike of 20lb+

The standard build, utilises a Fuji DPS-18 real seat, duplon grip and they own 4 leg guides, plus a hook keeper. The rods feel well built and functional, just how a proper pikers rod should be, but does lack a line chip so I did add an optional elastic band.

Rods can also build by a number of the customer rod builders out there so suit individual needs and taste.

Well I've added to this and also now bought the third and final one.

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